3D Printing

If can you do 3D printing, I might have a project for you?

The Outcome

We have never heard the word ‘Awesome’ used by so many people so many times! When we were asked if we could do 3D printing it was an easy answer ‘Yes’ as we do have one of the largest and latest machines in Europe in our network.
What we didn’t expect was the scale of the project, the detail and finishing of the Ukrainian Dragon that sits on the top of Gringotts Bank in the Largest Lego Store in the World that has just undergone an amazing re-fit is unbelievable. A very complex construction from 3D art files in 100’s of detailed components created the base shell of this stunning creature. But the creativity of the paint finishing by highly skilled craftsmen make this Dragon come to life. The finished results are exceptional and will give many people a huge amount of pleasure for many years to come.