ABB Turbocharging Head Office in Baden, Switzerland. Wow what a challenge that rebrand was!

The Outcome

With the incredibly limited amount of time to complete the Corporate HQ for the Worlds Leading Turbocharging producer, SIGNUM worked with a leading Global client to provide the brand new Corporate branding at the stunning location in Switzerland. The first element was to assist with the Survey a team of 21 gathered from 7 Countries and met on site for a high-level + high-security site survey to create the Site Booklets for the Unknown new name. Working behind the scenes SIGNUM were able to produce all of the Exterior and Pressroom (Launch day) branding in just over 3 weeks for what should have been an impossible deadline. Welcome and good luck to ‘Accelleron’ or ‘All’ for short. SIGNUM is now delivering all of the remaining locations across the World, including Europe, USA, Middle East, Africa and ASIA.